Leicester - Aylestone Road Case Study

Sabaia Khan

Having worked for a long while in an office in a carpet shop, I really wanted to move up and have my own business. I knew that I loved working within the flooring industry but was unsure as how I would manage starting out on my own. I initially met United Carpets at the GMEX centre in Manchester back in January 2005, and the more I met different franchisees and visited various stores, the more I became interested in becoming part of United Carpets. Aylestone Rd in Leicester became available and I left my home town, moved my family and took over in April 2006. I had no knowledge of the city, had no previous links, no business contacts – in fact nothing other than United Carpets.

Now, some years later, I am amazed sometimes – that simply through UnitedCarpets, I have met so many people, established so many business contacts, and succeeded thanks to United Carpets. The initial and subsequent on-going training, the regular meetings, strong marketing support, back up from one-to-one support offered by brand managers have all helped Aylestone Road become the strong and profitable business that it is. I am happy to lead a team of staff that thoroughly enjoy meeting people and serving their needs, we have an exciting range of products that suit most customers and all within a bright, clean and visually appealing store. We all love what we do, no two days are ever the same, and that is the challenge – I took a risk, never regretted it – and can honestly say I have enjoyed every moment of it.