The perfect carpet for every age revealed

Though it never lost its place as the No. 1 flooring, carpets have undergone a surge in popularity over the last few years, as consumers begin to value softness and warmth over clean looking but colder feeling laminates.

With this upward trend comes more people of all ages ready to purchase a new carpet. To give an idea of the perfect carpet for each age group, we asked the nation what attributes their preferred carpet would have.

The table below shows how the different age ranges voted on each of the carpet considerations:

18–24 25–34 35–44 45–54 55–64































Softness, softness, softness

It seems the one thing everyone agrees on is that when buying a carpet, you should look for one that is SOFT.

The research shows that more than a third (34.8%) of respondents considered ‘softness’ the most important factor. In second place came ‘ease of cleaning’ at just over 22%, while 1 in 5 said warmth was key when buying a carpet, placing it third overall in the list.

So it seems that most people enjoy the feeling of a nice soft carpet under their toes, and this is especially true among the younger buyers.

We used the data to identify the perfect style of carpet for each age range. Firstly, identify your age range from the table below and then read our suggestions:

Name Definition Birth Year Carpet Considerations Carpet Suggestion

Baby Boomers

Grew up during a time of great upheaval and change, but one that ultimately delivered vastly improved living standards.


After a lifetime of cleaning, you’ll want something that can look good with little effort on your part. The children leaving or having left home means you can focus on what looks good, as well as what will create a noise-free haven.

A carpet which is extremely easy to clean and moderately soft.

We recommend the Stainfree Impressions Twist Pile Carpet

Generation X

Experienced the end of the post-war dream, high unemployment and the Cold War. Shows a tendency to reject everyday norms and values.


This age group is at the height of its earning power and therefore aesthetics is not only important but affordable. However, with many raising a family, ease of cleaning also becomes a major consideration.

Moderately soft, but also easy to clean and trendy/ very aesthetical.

We recommend the Kingston Twist Stripe Twist Pile Carpet


First kids to never not be aware of computers and the digital age. Media savvy but often ‘overly’ protected by their parents. Hard working.


Comfort is a high priority, with softness and warmth coming high on their lists. This may be down to the nest-building instinct, as many will be preparing to welcome little feet into their homes.

A soft carpet, but one which also gives warmth to a room.

We recommend the Sensit Forever Deep Pile Saxony Carpet

Generation Z

Internet users from a young age, witnessing the positives and negatives of social media. The Great Depression means they have grown knowing only low wages, insecure job prospects and an over-priced housing market.


Cleaning is not a major consideration for these young adults starting out. Creature comforts of softness and warmth take centre stage. However, they are wise enough to know that the better their carpet is for noise reduction, the louder their parties can be.

Very soft carpet which is also moderately easy to clean.

We recommend the Caress Twist Pile Carpet

Now you have an idea of what carpet might be best for you, but when do you need to take the next step and buy a new one? We’ve put together a little guide to help you recognise when the time has come to trade in your old carpet!

When should I change my carpet?

Many guides suggest that after 10 years of use, your carpet stops looking its best and signs of wear begin to show. These might include:

  • Bare patches
  • Matted fibres
  • Loose threads
  • Frayed edges
  • Permanent stains

However, this timeframe can be shortened considerably if the carpet you have is not appropriate for the activity it receives in your home.

The use to which a carpet is put will inevitably change in accordance with the stage of life you have reached. But what are the typical stresses and strains that a carpet undergoes at the different life stages?

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