Why white carpets can be both a practical and aesthetic choice

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White carpet is often considered to be a decadent interior design choice, seen only in the pages of glossy magazines. In reality, modern carpet technology means that white carpet can be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing, with easy clean fibres allowing stains to be tackled without the risk of permanent damage.

The public, however, are largely unaware of these advancements, and still don’t see white carpets as a viable choice. This was revealed in our recent survey which asked the public whether they would have a white carpet in their home.

Would you have white carpets in your home?

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A not-so-impractical choice

Over half (53.9%) of those who responded to the survey said that they would not have a white carpet in their home because they feared it would be impractical. This may have been the case with traditional carpets, but certain synthetic models are much more forgiving than pure wool as the fibres actively repel dirt and moisture.

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White is back

Almost one in twenty considered a white carpet to be dated, possibly because white was a firm favourite among the 1980s yuppie brigade, not to mention the glamourous homes featured in popular TV shows Dallas and Dynasty! As with all trends, what is ‘hot or not’ changes all the time and white is now increasing in popularity, as Elizabeth Parker from Parker Interiors explains:

“White has seen a resurgence in recent years, however, modern styles are much more in-keeping with the minimalist, Scandinavian inspired look than eighties opulence.

 “The secret to living with white is to use texture. Layering natural materials like wood and marble with soft furnishings like velvet and sheepskin will stop a white pallet from feeling soulless. And a good quality white carpet can transform a cold room into a cosy cocoon. As well as adding a certain edgy glamour.”

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Pet friendly

Pets and small children were the reason why 7.2% of respondents wouldn’t buy a white carpet, despite wanting one. Again, child and pet mess is easily addressed with new carpet technology and the type of carpet you choose can also make a big difference to durability, for example a shorter pile will stop pet hair and dirt from getting trapped between the fibres.  

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Yes to luxury

Despite the hesitancy to invest in white, 14.8% were firm fans, with 9.8% considering white to be aesthetically pleasing and 5% citing luxury as the primary reason why they would opt for a pale colour carpet. A further 3.5% would consider white in low traffic areas of the home, such as bedrooms or possibly dining rooms that aren’t used on a daily basis.

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Damage limitation

Getting into the habit of removing outdoor shoes when entering the home can make a significant difference to the cleanliness of carpets, however our previous research highlighted that only 63% of people always take their shoes off indoors. When it comes to visitors, just 42% of homeowners would insist that guests removed their shoes before walking on their pale carpets.

Carpets of any colour will benefit from being professionally cleaned—The National Carpet Cleaners Association recommend professional carpet cleaning every 12 to 18 months—not only will this remove any surface dirt it will also help lift the pile.

As with any type of home furnishing, if you treat a white carpet well it will continue to look great for many years. Simple things such as removing outdoor footwear, immediately tackling any spillages and annual deep cleaning will keep your carpet looking like new, whatever the colour!

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