Bed Care Guide

Looking after your wooden bedframe or metal bedframe

Wooden bedframes and metal bedframes are strong and resistant therefore they need little maintenance. The structure of wooden or metal bedframes will remain sturdy over time so to keep them looking new a dust or wipe with a damp cloth will suffice.

Why Choose a Metal Bed?

Our exclusive collection of metal bed frames showcases a subtle touch of elegance and grace. Each of the metal frames here at United Carpets and Beds are robust and very easy to clean. Our selection of intricate designs is fashionably ‘Chic’; the neutral colours of our frames will adapt and compliment any future décor changes. Each of United Beds' metal bed frames is designed with a strong foot end and elegant headboard to give you the best functionality and style.

Why Choose a Wooden Bed?

The wooden bed frames at United Carpets and Beds are manufactured and designed to last. Each has a clever, strong design combined with a flawless finish. The warming colours of the frame will compliment and light up any bedroom, both traditional and modern. The smooth, seamless professional finish to each of our wooden frames will transform any bedroom into a sophisticated and beautiful feature.

Looking after your leather bedframe or faux leather bedframe

Leather bedframes and faux leather bedframes have become a staple feature in any bedroom over the past decade. They are classy, stylish, modern but also functional and easy to care for. You should dust your leather or faux leather bed regularly and wipe them with a damp cloth – but do not use washing up liquid on your leather bedframe as this can damage the surface of the leather.

Why Choose a Faux Leather Bed?

The alluring designs in our "Faux Leather Collection" is second to none. Our extensive range caters to all tastes, all preferences and ensures the best possibly quality. Our research and development team have extensively studied the "Universe of Beds" to bring you this magnificent collection of gorgeous and high quality products. Each of our faux leather beds is easy to clean, robust, strong and manufactured to last. The innovative and graceful designs are modern and will adapt with continuing changes in trends therefore when you fancy updating your décor the bed frame will remain an up to date stylish feature.

Looking after your divan

Divans are one of our most popular ranges, perhaps because of the clever storage facilities underneath, perhaps because they ooze style. Simply vacuum divans gently to keep any divan in good shape and prevent dust build-up.

Why Choose a Divan Bed
Divan beds are very popular choice within the bed market today. The extensive collection we stock at "United Carpets and Beds" is diverse and has something for everyone. The divan beds we stock are designed and built with quality and style in mind at every stage. Each divan we stock has a range of extra storage options available, so each bed is catered to the customer’s individual needs. With prices starting form as little as £99, there is, without question a divan in our collection that is perfect for you.

Looking after your mattress

Mattresses can last for years if you look after them properly, and the key is in sharing out the wear that the mattress receives. So you should turn your mattress regularly top to bottom so you lie on different parts, and sometimes turn your mattress over, too. Some mattresses have one special layer on one side, memory foam mattresses for example. If you have a mattress like this it is still beneficial to turn it from top to bottom to prolong its comfort and maintenance. Any mattress will benefit from a regular vacuuming using only the suction nozzle – no beater brushes. This will keep down dust particles and help particularly if you are an allergy sufferer.

Looking after your bedside cabinets

Like any wooden or metal bedroom furniture, bedside cabinets will stay looking good if you dust them down. Bedrooms are dusty places so give your wooden bedside cabinets a spray with a good furniture polish to keep them looking clean and pristine.

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