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At United Carpets and Beds we have a great range of different styles and types of carpets for you to choose from. Our collection includes wool carpets, striped carpets, twist pile carpets, patterned carpets, stain free carpets and many more great styles. The store experts will be on hand to talk you through any questions you may have – whether they be technical or design orientated – we can help you make the right decision for your home.
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  1. Sunrise Twist Pile Carpet
    £7.99 7.99
    A lovely Twist pile carpet, Sunrise perfectly balances durability with style to offer a stunning and long-lasting... Learn More
  2. Ashton Twist
    £8.99 8.99
  3. Saturn Twist Pile Carpet
    £9.99 9.99
    Chic, elegant and neutral, Saturn is a wonderfully versatile cut pile twist carpet that offers discernible quality at a... Learn More
  4. Hamilton Twist Carpet
    £9.99 9.99
  5. Solar Twist Pile Carpet
    £12.99 12.99
    Solar is a twist pile carpet that combines elegance and practicality for the busy 21st century home. With a heavy duty... Learn More
  6. Milan Twist Pile Carpet
    £20.78 20.78 Regular Price £25.98 25.98
    Milan is a striking twist pile carpet with an appealing heathered effect that will complement a range of styles, from... Learn More
  7. Cantley Twist
    £20.99 20.99 Regular Price £27.98 27.98
  8. Caspian Twist
    £27.18 27.18 Regular Price £33.98 33.98
  9. Mayfair Twist
    £27.99 27.99 Regular Price £39.98 39.98
  10. Oxford Twist Pile Carpet
    £28.49 28.49 Regular Price £37.98 37.98
    Oxford is a twist pile carpet that is hardwearing and durable, not to mention incredibly affordable. Suitable for any... Learn More
  11. Yours Truly Twist Pile Carpet
    £31.49 31.49 Regular Price £41.98 41.98
    Classically timeless, Yours Truly is a premium cut pile Twist carpet that delivers distinct quality and quiet... Learn More
  12. Liberty Luxury Twist Pile Carpet
    £31.98 31.98 Regular Price £39.98 39.98
    The Liberty is a luxury twist pile carpet that is both stylish and hardwearing, offering a stunning and long-lasting... Learn More
  13. Harling Twist
    £38.99 38.99 Regular Price £59.98 59.98
  14. Mayfair Ultra Twist
    £49.98 49.98 ( £24.99 24.99 Carpet price with underlay)
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