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At United Carpets and Beds we have a great range of different styles and types of carpets for you to choose from. Our collection includes wool carpets, striped carpets, twist pile carpets, patterned carpets, stain free carpets and many more great styles. The store experts will be on hand to talk you through any questions you may have – whether they be technical or design orientated – we can help you make the right decision for your home.
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  1. Marlow Berber Loop Carpet
    £4.99 4.99 Regular Price £9.99 9.99
    A strong, hard-wearing carpet that's ideal for any room in the home, comes in a felt backing with modern day colours... Learn More
  2. Tavira Plain Berber Loop Carpet
    £5.99 5.99 Regular Price £11.99 11.99
    The Tavira range is a hard-wearing, short loop pile berber carpet that is the perfect choice for any room in the home.... Learn More
  3. Granada Berber Loop Carpet
    £5.99 5.99 Regular Price £9.99 9.99
    The Granada range is a hard-wearing, short loop pile berber carpet that is the perfect choice for any room in the home.... Learn More
  4. Kempton Berber Loop Carpet
    £6.49 6.49
    The Kempton is a loop pile carpet suitable for anywhere in your home with four on-trend colours to choose from. It has... Learn More
  5. Global Loop Carpet
    £6.99 6.99
  6. Treasure Berber Carpet
    £7.99 7.99
    A tough Berber loop carpet made of 100% Polypropylene. Hard-wearing and practical, it is ideal for busy rooms and comes... Learn More
  7. Octavia Berber Loop
    £7.99 7.99
  8. Juniper Berber Loop
    £7.99 7.99
  9. Dynamic Loop Carpet
    £8.99 8.99
  10. Hercules Berber Loop Carpet
    £8.99 8.99
    Berber carpets are strong, durable and easy to clean. As they are so hardwearing they can last for years! Available in... Learn More
  11. Mirage Berber Loop Carpet
    £8.99 8.99
    A robust natural berber loop carpet, Mirage is a beautiful yet hardwearing carpet. It is stain-resistant due to the... Learn More
  12. Turbo Berber Loop Carpet
    £8.99 8.99
    Turbo is a hardwearing Berber loop carpet available in a range of earthy colours. Available in a 5m width, this felt... Learn More
  13. Studio Berber Loop
    £9.99 9.99
  14. Anglia Berber Loop Carpet
    £9.99 9.99
    The Anglia range is a perfect for your home as it's short loop pile is very hard-wearing. Available in 2 colours and... Learn More
  15. Madeira Berber Loop Carpet
    £11.99 11.99
    The Madeira range is a hard-wearing, short loop pile berber carpet suitable for any room in the home. The tight pile is... Learn More
  16. Thornton Berber Carpet
    £25.49 25.49 Regular Price £33.98 33.98
    A modern Berber carpet inspired by traditional textiles with a short loop pile. Tough and durable, it is available in... Learn More
  17. Flaxen Plain Wool Carpet
    £31.19 31.19 Regular Price £47.98 47.98
    A heavy domestic carpet made from 100% wool and available in 18 colours. Ideal for busy homes and high footfall, backed... Learn More
  18. Gala Berber Loop Carpet
    £33.98 33.98 ( £16.99 16.99 Carpet price with underlay)
    A luxurious cut pile Berber Loop, Gala is an on-trend heavy duty carpet that tackles heavy domestic use with ease.... Learn More
  19. Orkney Wool Carpet
    £37.79 37.79 Regular Price £53.98 53.98
  20. Rustic Wool Berber Loop Carpet
    £47.98 47.98 ( £23.99 23.99 Carpet price with underlay)
    Rustic Wool Berber is a luxurious wool loop cut length carpet that offers natural resilience to heavy foot traffic due... Learn More
  21. Orient Berber Loop Wool Carpet
    £51.98 51.98 ( £25.99 25.99 Carpet price with underlay)
    Orient is a luxurious 100% wool berber loop pile carpet, offering natural resilience to heavy foot traffic due the... Learn More
  22. Vicuna Wool Carpet
    £59.98 59.98 ( £29.99 29.99 Carpet price with underlay)
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