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Dining Room Carpets

The dining room is undoubtedly the most important space of all, when it comes to entertaining and family get-togethers. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you consider fitting a high quality, stain-resistant carpet when planning your dining room’s decor, to alleviate the worry of accidental spills and stains at meal times and dinner parties. Our exquisite range of carpets developed specifically for dining rooms represent the perfect blend of style and practicality, with colours, designs and textures that cater to both contemporary and traditional tastes, and high-density, wear-resistant fibres that effectively prevent everyday stains and spillages from gaining a foothold. As with all of our products, our dining room range is manufactured to the highest possible standards, using quality materials to offer unrivalled durability, resilience and stain defence, backed by comprehensive guarantees and warranties for additional peace of mind.
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  1. Saturn Twist Pile Carpet
    £7.99 7.99
    Chic, elegant and neutral, Saturn is a wonderfully versatile cut pile twist carpet that offers discernible quality at a... Learn More
  2. Emperor's Twist Carpet
    £23.98 23.98 Regular Price £29.98 29.98
    The Stainsafe Emperor's Twist luxury carpet is a must have in your home this season. Both Stylish and contemporary, its... Learn More
  3. Zurich Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £25.10 25.1 Regular Price £33.46 33.46
    Zurich is an opulent yet heavy-duty thick pile Saxony with a hardwearing 2-ply yarn, that effortlessly balances... Learn More
  4. Sensit Leo Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £29.89 29.89 Regular Price £45.98 45.98
    Sensit Leo is a deep pile Saxony produced using super soft Sensit yarn, which sets it apart from other Saxony Carpets.... Learn More
  5. Ultimate Temple Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £30.13 30.13 Regular Price £43.04 43.04
    The 'big brother' to our ever-popular Temple range, Ultimate Temple is a premium quality, deep pile Saxony carpet that... Learn More
  6. Sensit Forever Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £30.79 30.79 Regular Price £43.98 43.98
    A traditional cut pile Saxony, Sensit Forever combines elegance and practicality. With a heavy duty heat-set pile,... Learn More
  7. Sensit Divinity Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £31.19 31.19 Regular Price £47.98 47.98
    Sensit Divinity is a deluxe deep pile Saxony that combines elegance and practicality for the busy modern home. With a... Learn More
  8. Sensit Leandra Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £33.79 33.79 Regular Price £51.98 51.98
    Leandra is a high performance thick pile Saxony with a heavy duty 2-Ply yarn that combats constant footfall with ease... Learn More
  9. Hampton Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £39.98 39.98
    The Hampton is a soft deep pile Saxony carpet that offers incredible comfort and durability thanks to its thick, a real... Learn More
  10. Xtron Enchantment Twist Pile Carpet
    £39.98 39.98
    Enchantment is a luxury deep pile Twist that is hugely robust as well as elegant. With a heavy duty cut length Twist... Learn More
  11. Xtron Grandeur Twist Pile Carpet
    £47.98 47.98
    A high performance thick pile Saxony carpet, Grandeur has a heavy duty Xtron high performance yarn, which ensures... Learn More
  12. Xtron Avalon Heathers Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £49.98 49.98
    Avalon Heathers is a high performance thick pile Saxony with a heavy-duty 2-ply yarn that tackles heavy foot traffic... Learn More
  13. Xtron Avalon Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £49.98 49.98
    A high performance thick pile Saxony, Avalon has a heavy-duty 2-ply yarn that tackles heavy foot traffic without... Learn More
  14. Satino Silken Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £71.74 71.74
    The Satino Silken range is a sumptuous, soft Saxony carpet that will add a touch of elegance to any room in the home.... Learn More
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