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Do You Know About the Health Risks Lurking in Your Carpet?

Most homes in the UK have at least one carpet, but did you know that these can harbour potentially dangerous germs as well as causing a range of health problems? Unfortunately, many people have no idea just how dirty their carpets are.

Here is a quick look at the health problems you could suffer from if you don't look after your carpet properly.

E. Coli and

According to scientific research, millions of people in the UK could have salmonella, pneumonia and E. coli lurking in their carpets at home. This was according to a survey referenced in the scientific world, which claimed that these could cause potentially life-threatening diseases

These can be very serious if you become ill upon contact with them, meaning many people could literally be in danger in their own homes simply because they do not clean their carpets properly.

What's On the Floor?

As well as the harmful bacteria found in people's homes, carpets were also found to contain traces of other unpleasant things, including urine, dust mites, vomit, horse manure, pet vomit and faecal bacteria.

One of the problems with carpets is that they can look clean even when they are actually incredibly dirty, meaning many people with dirty carpets are unlikely to realise it, and as a result fail to take precautions.

How do the carpets become so dirty? Research indicates that the most common way for carpets to become dirty was through inhabitants failing to take their shoes off at the door, therefore transmitting the dirt from the street inside the house and onto the carpets.

Common Health Risks

So what exactly are the health risks? Well, the bacteria mentioned above can make you seriously ill, but that is not the end of it. There are also other health risks presented by dirty carpets.

One of these is mould, which can cause various health problems. Mould can carry bacteria, and it can also cause respiratory problems,  especially for people who suffer from allergies.

Allergy sufferers could also find themselves suffering from the presence of dust mites. Although dust mites are common, if they are present in large quantities, they can cause discomfort, including skin rashes and
irritation of the eyes.

Another problem is the growth of harmful fungus in the carpet. One of the most common fungi that affects humans is the one that causes Athlete's Foot. This is rarely serious, but it is unpleasant and it can spread easily. If left untreated, it could also lead to a bacterial infection.

Clean Your Carpets

The best way to avoid experiencing any problems with your carpets is to look after them properly. That means not only vacuuming them on a regular basis, but also cleaning them properly. If you don't have a carpet cleaner, you could hire a cleaning service instead. Just make sure you take proper care of your carpets (whether they are high quality, cheap carpet, discount carpets or budget carpets), otherwise you could find that yours becomes a health hazard in your home.