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It's All About What Happens Next

Welcome to United Carpets and Beds and thank you for choosing to make your purchase from us.

Your new flooring will soon be here so it’s worth thinking about its installation. Whether you do this yourself, or let us take care of it, thinking about this in advance will ensure things go smoothly on the day and, equally importantly, help your new floor stay looking like new for a lot longer.

All enquiries can be dealt with through your local United Carpets And Beds store. You can find their details in our STORE LOCATOR

You'll Love What Happens Next

What happens once I have placed my order?
Our sales team will process through your order and will call to give you an approximate date that your delivery or fitting can be carried out. Our stores receive regular deliveries from our warehouse so you will generally not have to wait much longer than 7-10 working days. Where the carpet is being cut from one of our in store rolls, we just need to wait for availability with the fitter.

Special Orders
The store will have made you aware if your purchase is regarded as a special order. We will aim to deliver special order items in 10-14 working days. Once your item has been delivered to your local store, they will contact you and arrange a convenient delivery or fitting date.

Preparing Your Room
We remain committed to the agreed delivery or fitting date with yourselves, in the unlikely event of a situation occurring beyond our control that affects our arrangement we will contact you as soon as we can to offer a mutually convenient alternative.

If we are fitting for you, our fitters will have to unload the materials and also have access to the tools they will need.
Where can they do this without causing an obstruction to you or your neighbours?
Can they park off the road or will they need a parking permit?

It would be great if you could let the store know the day before fitting.

What Happens Next?

Now let’s think about getting the flooring into the room to be fitted. If the materials have to be carried through a hall or another room, are there any obstructions that would make this difficult? For example, are there any pictures on the wall or ornaments that could get knocked over and damaged?

Similarly, to fit any floor properly, the room to be fitted should be clear of furniture and other items such as toys, TVs, satellite systems, washing machines or cookers. Our fitters will do their best to help if you need it but are not licensed to disconnect or reconnect certain items such as washing machines or cookers. TVs and satellite systems can be tricky – just look at all the wires – so you will need to think about the best way of dealing with these in advance.
Once again, please give us a call to discuss the various options.

To ensure a trouble-free installation, we can provide additional chargeable services to help you these can be requested directly with the fitting team on your behalf at the lowest possible rates. These services include:
- Movement of furniture in and out for fitting purpose
- Uplifting but not disposing of old carpets
- Boarding out areas to make the floor good
Please arrange for any extra services before your fitting date, so that we can book the availability with the fitter.

If you have underfloor heating, this should ideally be switched off 2 or 3 days before installation of the new floorcovering. Most floorcoverings react badly to extremes of heat (or cold!) so underfloor heating should be turned back up in smaller increments afterwards.

Your Home... Your Style... Your Price...

With regard to the actual installation, once again, whether you do this yourself or we do it for you, the base on which any flooring is laid (the subfloor) needs to be in very good condition or the floorcovering will suffer. If we have visited your home to measure our surveyor may have checked the condition of the subfloor and may have made certain recommendations. This is why.

The relevant British Standards stipulate the subfloor should be clean, smooth, level, sound and dry. Let’s look at what that means in practice and translate the technicalities in to every day language.

By “clean” we mean no dirt, debris or dust and anything that will discolour the floorcovering. It also means any paint or plaster splashes, grease or old adhesives which might react with the floorcovering need to be removed. Some floorcoverings are fully stuck down and any contamination in the subfloor will prevent proper adhesion and the floor will fail.

The subfloor needs to be smooth and level otherwise the floorcovering will suffer in terms of appearance and wear. Carpet will mould to the shape of the subfloor, look unsightly and wear prematurely on the high spots. Engineered boards and laminates will flex, the joints will crack and come apart. Vinyl will mirror any irregularities in the subfloor and look like the surface of the moon!

The subfloor should be sound. This means loose floorboards should be fixed to prevent movement which will damage underlay and cracks in concrete bases should be stabilised to prevent further movement and wreck any floorcovering laid on it.

The subfloor should be dry. Moisture in the subfloor can be caused by rising damp in older properties and construction moisture in new builds. Whatever the cause, water vapour of any kind will be absorbed by a carpet causing it to shrink, pile flatten and grow mildew. Wood and laminates will also absorb water which causes them to expand and destroy the backing materials. LVT is more “forgiving” when it comes to moisture but, if it is stuck down, the bond will fail and wreck the floorcovering.

Due to the different depths of carpets occasionally doors may have to be removed to enable installation of the carpets, we can assist you in this but the re-hanging of the doors needs to be carried out by a joiner, a service we do not provide.

Please note, that your waste carpet cannot be disposed of, but will be left neatly either in the room or bagged at the dustbin.

Don’t be put off by any of these things. They are not a problem – we deal with them every day!

Once your carpet has been delivered or installed
Just give us a call on 0330 311 2442 if you have any questions or concerns. We will take care of everything and leave you free to enjoy your new purchase.