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  1. Madeira Berber Loop Carpet
    £3.99 3.99 Regular Price £7.99 7.99
    The Madeira range is a hard-wearing, short loop pile berber carpet suitable for any room in the home. The tight pile is... Learn More
  2. Granada Berber Loop Carpet
    £3.99 3.99 Regular Price £7.99 7.99
    The Granada range is a hard-wearing, short loop pile berber carpet that is the perfect choice for any room in the home.... Learn More
  3. Kempton Berber Loop Carpet
    £5.97 5.97
    The Kempton is a loop pile carpet suitable for anywhere in your home with four on-trend colours to choose from. It has... Learn More
  4. Alpine Berber Loop Carpet
    £5.97 5.97
    A robust natural loop Berber carpet, Alpine is a beautiful but hard-wearing carpet. Stain-resistant due to the... Learn More
  5. Treasure Berber Carpet
    £6.49 6.49
    A tough Berber loop carpet made of 100% Polypropylene. Hard-wearing and practical, it is ideal for busy rooms and comes... Learn More
  6. Hercules Berber Loop Carpet
    £6.99 6.99
    Berber carpets are strong, durable and easy to clean. As they are so hardwearing they can last for years! Available in... Learn More
  7. Arizona Berber Loop Carpet
    £6.99 6.99
    The Arizona range is a stylish striped berber that will complement a range of decors. The hardwearing berber has stain... Learn More
  8. Sunrise Twist Pile Carpet
    £6.99 6.99
    A lovely Twist pile carpet, Sunrise perfectly balances durability with style to offer a stunning and long-lasting... Learn More
  9. Galaxy Berber Loop Carpet
    £6.99 6.99
    Galaxy is a hardwearing berber with stain resistant qualities making it a perfect choice for those areas with heavy... Learn More
  10. Contractor Carpet
    £7.49 7.49
    Contractor carpet is ideal for ares with heavy footfall as its a a hard wearing, gel backed contract flooring (ideal... Learn More
  11. Mirage Berber Loop Carpet
    £7.49 7.49
    A robust natural berber loop carpet, Mirage is a beautiful yet hardwearing carpet. It is stain-resistant due to the... Learn More
  12. Opus Berber Loop Carpet
    £7.49 7.49
    Opus is a tough, resilient, Berber Loop pile carpet. It is perfect for high traffic areas such as halls, stairs or... Learn More
  13. Woodlands Twist Pile Carpet
    £7.99 7.99
    Woodlands is a value for money twist pile carpet that combines simplicity and practicality for the busy modern home.... Learn More
  14. Anglia Berber Loop Carpet
    £7.99 7.99
    The Anglia range is a perfect for your home as it's short loop pile is very hard-wearing. Available in 2 colours and... Learn More
  15. Tavira Plain Berber Loop Carpet
    £7.99 7.99
    The Tavira range is a hard-wearing, short loop pile berber carpet that is the perfect choice for any room in the home.... Learn More
  16. Turbo Berber Loop Carpet
    £8.99 8.99
    Turbo is a hardwearing Berber loop carpet available in a range of earthy colours. Available in a 5m width, this felt... Learn More
  17. Saturn Twist Pile Carpet
    £8.99 8.99
    Chic, elegant and neutral, Saturn is a wonderfully versatile cut pile twist carpet that offers discernible quality at a... Learn More
  18. Cosmos Chunky Berber Loop Carpet
    £8.99 8.99
    The Cosmos is a loop pile carpet with out of this world comfort technology, available in four universal favourite... Learn More
  19. Havanna Twist Pile Carpet
    £9.49 9.49
    Havanna is a cut pile twist carpet made from 100% polypropylene yarn. Twist pile carpets are known for their resilient,... Learn More
  20. Penthouse Modern Saxony Carpet
    £9.99 9.99
    The Penthouse is a modern Saxony carpet that is truly a level above anything you’ve experienced before, especially at... Learn More
  21. Paris Twist Pile Carpet
    £9.99 9.99
    A twist pile carpet available in 4 colours made from 100% Polypropylene in a 2-ply yarn, backed up with a 7-year wear... Learn More
  22. Naples Saxony Carpet
    £9.99 9.99
    A beautiful Saxony carpet made from 100% StainSafe Polypropylene in a 2-ply yarn. Tough, bleach-cleanable and soft... Learn More
  23. Solar Twist Pile Carpet
    £10.99 10.99
    Solar is a twist pile carpet that combines elegance and practicality for the busy 21st century home. With a heavy duty... Learn More
  24. Vienna Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £10.99 10.99
    Classically timeless, Vienna is a supreme quality deep pile Saxony carpet that delivers a touch of distinction and... Learn More
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