10 Tips For Choosing Carpets For High Traffic Areas

10 Tips For Choosing Carpets For High Traffic Areas
1 Pile It On. Choice of carpet pile is important. A dense twist pile will ensure durability and resilience, vital for stairs. Twist pile is soft to touch and feels amzining underfoot.
2 Under-Who? Always opt for underlay. It will help your carpet look and feel better and stand up to wear and tear for longer.
3 Stained It. If you're worried about marking your carpet, choose one with built-in stain resistance. many polypropylene carpets can be cleaned with bleach.
4 Car-Pets. If you have pets, consider cut pile rather than a loop carpet - Their claws can get stuck in the latter, leaving you with a pulled and damaged carpet.
5 To Carpet Or Not To Carpet? Wood floors, vinyls and laminate may seem like contemporary options, but carpets have advantages such as adding warmth and absorbing noise.
6 Sunshine. If your stairs and landing area is exposed to a lot of natural sunlight, opt for a neutral shade as colour fade will be less noticeable than on darker shades.
7 Decor Decisions. If you're not sure which carpet shade will match your decor, order 4 free samples from United Carpets And beds so you can colour-match in person.
8 Welcome Visitors, Not Mud. Keep a welcome mat by the door to encourage visitors to wipe off dirt before stepping onton the carpet. Even better - ask them to go shoe-free.
9 Lease of Life. Vacuuming against the direction of the pile will give your carpet a lift so it doesn't look flat and lifeless. Regular cleaning and washing will keep it looking fresh.
10 Look For The 'Hallway' Icon. Look out for the 'Hallway' icon on the United Carpets And Beds website. these carpets are stylish, resilient, durable and best suited to high footfall areas.
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