Deep Pile Saxony Carpet

At United Carpets and Beds we have a great selection of sumptuous saxony carpets to choose from. With luxuriously deep pile that is soft to the touch, to provide a comfortable feeling underfoot, our Saxony collection is second to none. This stunning range of carpets can be bleach cleaned to remove the most stubborn stains, for hassle-free maintenance and is the ideal choice for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms making it perfect for those wanting to add a touch of elegance to their home.

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  1. Naples Saxony Carpet
    £11.99 11.99
    A beautiful Saxony carpet made from 100% StainSafe Polypropylene in a 2-ply yarn. Tough, bleach-cleanable and soft... Learn More
  2. Siesta Saxony Carpet
    £11.99 11.99
    Siesta is a stunning soft underfoot luxury style carpet, available in 4 beautiful pastel shades, this carpet will look... Learn More
  3. Vienna Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £12.99 12.99
    Classically timeless, Vienna is a supreme quality deep pile Saxony carpet that delivers a touch of distinction and... Learn More
  4. Noble Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £13.99 13.99
    Noble is a deep pile Saxony that offers durability and comfort without compromising on aesthetics. With a luxurious 1.3... Learn More
  5. Noble Heathers Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £13.99 13.99
    Noble Heathers is a deluxe, deep pile Heathered Saxony with a speckled appearance, combining a variety of warm colours... Learn More
  6. Genesis Saxony Carpet
    £14.99 14.99
  7. Modena Saxony Carpet
    £14.99 14.99
    A durable Saxony carpet with softness underfoot. It comes in 4 colours and is bleach cleanable, supported by a 10 year... Learn More
  8. Zaria Saxony Carpet
    £22.08 22.08 Regular Price £25.98 25.98
    The Zaria Saxony carpet is soft, plush and bleach-cleanable. Featuring Stain Defence technology and a complete 7 year... Learn More
  9. Duke Soft Pile Saxony Carpet
    £22.38 22.38 Regular Price £27.98 27.98
    The Duke carpet is a beautiful soft pile Saxony that you can rely on. Action backing makes it ready to stand up to lots... Learn More
  10. Lagos Saxony
    £22.99 22.99 ( £11.50 11.5 Carpet price with underlay)
  11. Nova Saxony Carpet
    £24.99 24.99 Regular Price £33.32 33.32
    A plush Saxony carpet made in the UK from 10 gauge fine yarn with a 2-ply twist in a luxurious finish. Features... Learn More
  12. Temple Tones Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £27.18 27.18 Regular Price £33.98 33.98
    Temple Tones is a luxurious, deep pile Saxony carpet that combines comfort, style and practicality. With a plush pile... Learn More
  13. Temple Soft Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £27.18 27.18 Regular Price £33.98 33.98
    Temple Soft is a luxurious, deep pile Saxony carpet that combines comfort and style with the practicalities of everyday... Learn More
  14. Temple Heathers Saxony Carpet
    £27.18 27.18 Regular Price £33.98 33.98
    With a heavy 2-ply yarn, a cut pile and made from 100% polyproylene, the Temple Heathers Saxony Carpet handles heavy... Learn More
  15. Venus Saxony
    £27.99 27.99 Regular Price £39.98 39.98
    Venus is a new yarn development for 2022, produced on a 1600grm weight and 100% polypropylene which makes it 100%... Learn More
  16. Derwent Saxony Carpet
    £30.79 30.79 Regular Price £43.98 43.98
  17. Spirit Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £31.98 31.98 ( £15.99 15.99 Carpet price with underlay)
    Spirit is a deep pile Saxony carpet made from 100% polypropylene yarn. Saxony carpets are amongst the very best... Learn More
  18. Verona Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £31.98 31.98 ( £15.99 15.99 Carpet price with underlay)
    Verona is a sumptuous, deep piled Saxony that is ideal for any room in the home. The soft, supple pile provides optimum... Learn More
  19. Jupiter Saxony
    £32.19 32.19 Regular Price £45.98 45.98
    Jupiter is a new yarn development for 2022, produced on 1900grms this luxury carpet is suitable for any room in the... Learn More
  20. Porto Saxony Carpet
    £33.98 33.98
  21. Fantasy Saxony Carpet
    £33.98 33.98 ( £16.99 16.99 Carpet price with underlay)
    The Fantasy is a soft Saxony carpet that features StainSafe technology with a two-ply yarn, allowing it to be bleach... Learn More
  22. Stainfree Goddess Saxony Carpet
    £36.39 36.39 Regular Price £51.98 51.98
    Stainfree Goddess is a saxony carpet, bringing softness to the home with the luxury feel fibres of the new "Silk Tech... Learn More
  23. Dorchester Saxony Carpet
    £37.69 37.69 Regular Price £57.98 57.98
  24. Jubilee Saxony Carpet
    £37.98 37.98 ( £18.99 18.99 Carpet price with underlay)
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