Stain Resistant Carpets

Everyday marks, spills and stains are practically inevitable in the busy modern household, particularly if it is also the home of children and pets. This unavoidable fact makes a stain-resistant carpet the fitting and practical choice for virtually any interior living space including bedrooms, hallways, landings, lounges and stairs. Our tried-and-tested range of stain-resistant carpets retain all the style and comfort of their conventional counterparts, whilst providing an additional layer of protection, in the form of a special coating that effectively prevents accidental stains and spillages from gaining a foothold in the carpet’s precious fibres. What’s more, each carpet in this extra special range is manufactured to the highest possible standards, using quality materials to deliver unbeatable durability, wear resistance and easy, care-free maintenance, backed by comprehensive guarantees and warranties for optimum peace of mind.

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  1. Pacific Berber Loop Carpet
    £5.99 5.99
  2. Octavia Berber Loop
    £7.49 7.49
  3. Global Loop Carpet
    £7.99 7.99
  4. Juniper Berber Loop
    £7.99 7.99
  5. Dynamic Loop Carpet
    £8.99 8.99
  6. Noble Heathers Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £13.99 13.99
    Noble Heathers is a deluxe, deep pile Heathered Saxony with a speckled appearance, combining a variety of warm colours... Learn More
  7. Noble Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £13.99 13.99
    Noble is a deep pile Saxony that offers durability and comfort without compromising on aesthetics. With a luxurious 1.3... Learn More
  8. Solid Contractor Carpet
    £14.99 14.99
    Solid is an extremely robust and resilient contract carpet suitable for very heavy domestic and contract use. A cut... Learn More
  9. Zaria Saxony Carpet
    £23.78 23.78 Regular Price £27.98 27.98
    The Zaria Saxony carpet is soft, plush and bleach-cleanable. Featuring Stain Defence technology and a complete 7 year... Learn More
  10. Taurus Wilton Carpet
    £23.99 23.99 Regular Price £31.99 31.99
    Sumptuous Wilton cover, made with strong polypropylene yarn which has been heat-set for improved appearance... Learn More
  11. Rubens ECO Twist Pile Carpet
    £25.58 25.58 Regular Price £31.98 31.98
  12. Festival Saxony
    £26.58 26.58 Regular Price £31.98 31.98
  13. Milan Twist Pile Carpet
    £27.98 27.98 ( £13.99 13.99 Carpet price with underlay)
    Milan is a striking twist pile carpet with an appealing heathered effect that will complement a range of styles, from... Learn More
  14. Temple Soft Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £28.18 28.18 Regular Price £33.98 33.98
    Temple Soft is a luxurious, deep pile Saxony carpet that combines comfort and style with the practicalities of everyday... Learn More
  15. Temple Heathers Saxony Carpet
    £28.18 28.18 Regular Price £33.98 33.98
    With a heavy 2-ply yarn, a cut pile and made from 100% polyproylene, the Temple Heathers Saxony Carpet handles heavy... Learn More
  16. Temple Tones Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £28.18 28.18 Regular Price £33.98 33.98
    Temple Tones is a luxurious, deep pile Saxony carpet that combines comfort, style and practicality. With a plush pile... Learn More
  17. Matisse ECO Twist Pile Carpet
    £31.98 31.98 ( £15.99 15.99 Carpet price with underlay)
  18. Verona Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £31.98 31.98 ( £15.99 15.99 Carpet price with underlay)
    Verona is a sumptuous, deep piled Saxony that is ideal for any room in the home. The soft, supple pile provides optimum... Learn More
  19. Andros ECO Saxony Carpet
    £34.30 34.3 Regular Price £43.98 43.98
  20. Sintra ECO Loop Pile Carpet
    £35.98 35.98 ( £17.99 17.99 Carpet price with underlay)
  21. Apollo Saxony
    £35.99 35.99 Regular Price £49.99 49.99
  22. Liberty Luxury Twist Pile Carpet
    £39.98 39.98 ( £19.99 19.99 Carpet price with underlay)
    The Liberty is a luxury twist pile carpet that is both stylish and hardwearing, offering a stunning and long-lasting... Learn More
  23. Verdi Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £42.99 42.99 Regular Price £55.98 55.98
    Verdi is a deep pile Saxony carpet that is both hardwearing and super easy to maintain thanks to its stain resistant... Learn More
  24. Westminster Saxony
    £43.98 43.98 ( £21.99 21.99 Carpet price with underlay)
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