Artificial Grass

The perfect labour-saving solution for a broad range of horticultural applications, including gardens and landscaping, our high quality selection of artificial grasses offers an authentic, just-mown and natural look without all the hassle of constant maintenance and regular feeding. Made from quality PE and PP fibres that are 100% eco-friendly and free from lead and cadmium, our artificial grasses are UV stabilised to prevent fading in sunlight, and backed by hard-wearing, robust compounds to ensure optimum longevity and a luxuriously soft feel underfoot. Made to the highest possible standards using high-grade materials, each product in this growing range is supported by a comprehensive wear warranty and quality guarantee for additional peace of mind.
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Artificial Grass FAQs

Artificial Grass is so easy to install that you can achieve that professional look with just a little DIY. All you need is a few basic garden tools.

Yes. Artificial Grass is so versatile that it can be laid on practically any surface. Designed to follow the contours of your garden, Artificial Grass can be laid over soil, turf, concrete, tarmac and paving, plus it can even be laid on roof terraces and balconies.

It’s so easy! With just a simple yard brush and some hot soapy water you can keep it looking full of lustre and life for many years. Even cleaning any presents left by pets is easy!

Depending upon the volume of traffic, your new Artificial Grass will give you up to 20 years of simple, maintenance-free pleasure. It will keep its colour and lustre during each season.

Our Artificial grass is guaranteed for up to seven years and covers against defects in the manufacture or design, under normal use. Please see the guarantees displayed on your chosen product.

Artificial Grass is ideal for pets! Our Artificial Grass is fully animal-friendly to give you total peace of mind. Presents left by dogs or other animals is easily cleaned away and does not affect the grass.

Yes. Your children will love your Artificial Grass just as much as real grass. Manufactured using high quality synthetic fibres, Artificial Grass offers and authentic, comfortable feel underfoot.

Yes. Our Artificial Grass is 100% environmentally friendly, as it won’t need to be watered like real grass. Whatever the weather, your Artificial Grass lawn will stay green and full without the need to water it. There’s never a need to mow it, so you’ll never have any clippings to dispose of!

Yes. Our Artificial Grass has been UV stabilised to prevent fading in sunlight and maintain its colour for years to come.

Yes. Our Artificial Grass has a porous backing that allows any rainwater to soak straight through and minimise any standing water.