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We cover a range of topics, including: how to measure for a carpet; choosing the right carpet material for your needs; what size bed do I need; and what carpet colours are available, along with much more.

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The Benefits of Choosing Carpet for Your Floor

Young woman laying on the carpet

Carpet offers comfort, floor insulation and noise reduction for your home.

The following page looks at the technical aspects of these benefits, along with the effectiveness of underlay, how carpets improve child safety, and much more.


Underlay FAQs

Read this page to find out why underlay is so important what types of underlay are available on the market. Follow the helpful hints on when you should change your underlay and how much it costs.


How to Choose Your Carpet Material

Want to know the benefits and drawbacks of each carpet material? Read this guide and find out which material is easiest to clean, which wears out the quickest and which is the most heat resistant.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing, Buying and Fitting a New Carpet

If you are thinking of buying a new carpet but don’t know where to start, follow this step-by-step guide to buying a new carpet. This simple set of instructions will help to illuminate the entire process, from measuring your room, right through to arranging for fitting, and everything in between.


The perfect carpet for every age revealed

As the UK’s number one flooring choice, carpets are popular with all ages. Different age groups, however, look for different attributes to suit their particular life stage, such as warmth, softness, clean-ability or soundproofing. To determine the perfect carpet according to age we ran an independent survey.
Read the results here:


Carpet Colours and How They Can Be Used in the Home

Read this guide to find out what colour carpet suits which décor, the shades that best hide stains and how to combine complimentary tones.


Carpet Textures

Read further to find out the different between yarn and fibres, as well as what makes a carpet ‘plush’ or ‘Saxony’. This page will help you decide what texture of carpet best suits your situation.


Carpet, Vinyl, Laminate and Hardwood: Which Flooring Is Best for You?

Don’t know which type of flooring or floor covering is best for your room? Read this page to find out the difference between laminate and vinyl, what works best for families and which is easiest to clean.