Hallway carpets: durability, underlays and colour choices

The hallway is the first area of your home guests will see, so it’s important to find the right carpet to make a great first impression. Similar to carpets for stairs, hallway carpets have to deal with a lot of footfall and need to withstand dirt being walked in.

Key features of a hallway carpet are:

  • Durability – High traffic areas will require strong and long-lasting carpet.
  • Style – You want to make an impression when people come into your home, make sure your carpet suits your personality and your home’s decor.
  • Underlay – to protect your carpet.
  • Colours –find the right one for your décor.


Loop and twist piles offer the best in durability.

Loop Pile

  • Very hard-wearing
  • Can withstand footfall without flattening
  • Affordable

Rustic Wool Berber Loop Carpet

  • Wool offers natural resilience to heavy foot traffic
  • Deep pile for soft underfoot experience
  • Non-allergenic
  • Available in multiple light/neutral colours
  • 7 year warranty

Price: £14.99m2

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Twist pile

  • Durable because of the tight twisted pile
  • Can withstand heavy traffic
  • Keeps its shape for many years

Just For You 4m Twist Pile Carpet

  • 100% Polypropylene
  • Stain resistant
  • 13 designs to choose from

Price: £12.49m2

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The style of carpet you choose will depend on your personal taste and the style of your home. However, we’ve put together a few ideas which combine both durability and style to really showcase the entrance to your home.

Highland Wilton Patterned Wilton Carpet

  • Timeless woven carpet
  • A combination of longevity and style
  • Excellent for family homes
  • 100% bleach cleanable
  • Robust yet soft underfoot
  • 7 year wear warranty

Price: £19.99m2

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Tanaro Twist Pile Carpet

  • Cool, classic and contemporary
  • Clear-cut quality and timeless elegance
  • Retains its appearance in high traffic areas
  • Offers stain resistance
  • Available in a variety of neutral colours
  • Fully hypo-allergenic–ideal choice for allergy sufferers
  • 10 year warranty

Price: £19.99m2

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Xtron Grandeur Twist Pile Carpet

  • High performance thick pile Saxony
  • Offers superior resilience and longer-lasting look
  • Can tackle heavy foot traffic without sacrificing comfort or style
  • Great feeling underfoot
  • Incorporates stain defence
  • 100% bleach cleanable
  • 10 year warranty

Price: £23.99m2

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Temple Tones Deep Pile Saxony Carpet

  • Luxurious deep pile Saxony
  • Balances hardwearing durability with a soft feeling underfoot
  • 100% bleach cleanable
  • Available in 14 colours
  • 10 year warranty

Price: £12.99m2

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Best underlay for hallways

Because of the high traffic, underlays are essential when installing carpet in the hallway. It’s important you don’t use the leftover underlay from the last carpet as old underlays are prone to collapse. A collapsed underlay

Underlays offer:

  • Extra comfort
  • Extra insulation
  • Keep your carpet looking better for longer

The thicker the underlay, the longer your carpet will last. You can find out more about underlays by visiting our underlay FAQ guide.

Carpet vs laminate vs carpet tiles for hallways

Flooring in the hallway comes down to lifestyle and personal preference. Whilst there is no correct answer, both carpet and laminate have pros and cons.





  • Adds a luxurious element
  • Warmer
  • Soft underfoot
  • More choice of colour and style
  • Can get worn quicker
  • Can trap dust
  • Can stain easier


  • Easy to clean
  • Timeless design classic
  • Allergy free
  • Harder to stain
  • Slipping hazard
  • Colder underfoot
  • Excessive water can seep into the seams between boards, causing swelling

Carpet – is the best choice if you want a luxurious feeling underfoot the moment you walk through the door. It’s also perfect if you want to showcase your beautiful home to guests and make a stunning first impression with a stylish carpet. Carpets also suit pet owners as animals won’t slip or skid as easily as they might on laminate.

Laminate – is ideal for people who want a low maintenance option for their hallway. If you’re a parent or pet owner, laminate is a great choice as it’s easy to clean and is unlikely to stain. However, be conscious of the slippage hazard, especially for those vulnerable to falls.

Carpet tiles – are a hard-wearing floor covering for those who want a quirky look in their hallway. Normally designed for offices, carpet tiles are easy to install and maintain but can fray at the corners.

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