Finding the best carpet for your bedroom


Carpet fibre makes all the difference to the comfort, durability and stain resistance. You will need to decide whether you’re looking for a more luxurious underfoot experience or a more rugged and durable carpet to withstand day-to-day damage.

Wool – This naturally made materials has excellent dirt hiding capabilities. It is long lasting and extremely durable. Wools natural crimp means that pile compressions are significantly reduced so your carpet will last longer. It also has a low ignition rate meaning it’s more fire resistant than most carpets. Wool carpet can be harder to clean than most as it is generally advised to hire a professional cleaner in order to keep your wool lasting.

Polypropylene/Olefin – This synthetic material is resistant to fading, staining and moisture damage. This resilience means Polypropylene is perfect for children’s bedrooms or high-traffic bedrooms. On the downside, it can suffer from pile compression - meaning it will eventually be crushed down furniture etc.

Polyester – Another popular synthetic material, although this material is plush, retains its colour and resists staining. This makes it perfect for families with kids, although because it is plush, would fare better in a low-traffic room. Polyester is often used for textured or shag carpets.

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Pile types

There are two types of carpet most commonly sold in the UK:


Cute pile carpets are created by cutting the yarn loops which in turn produces and upright pile. It is generally considered to have a more luxurious look than loop pile.

Some examples of cut pile style are:

  • Frieze
  • Cut pile twist
  • Cut pile plush


Loop pile creates a soft, smooth feel and is more reasonably priced than a typical cut pile. This is because carpets are manufactured as loops automatically, which saves costs.

Some examples of looped pile carpet are:

  • Level loop pile
  • Multi level loop pile
  • Berber loop

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Measuring and fitting bedroom carpet costs

The cost of installation can vary depending on room size, shape and furniture. Some companies will simply sell you the amount of carpet and it is up to you to find a measuring and fitting team. This will increase the cost of your purchase and should be a major factor in your decision-making process.

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How long should bedroom carpet last?

The average carpet lifespan is usually around 3 to 5 years. If your bedroom is a low-traffic area ie. It’s not a busy room, it will likely last longer. The quality of your carpet is also a factor, so it’s worth paying just a fraction more in order to keep your carpet lasting longer.

Three signs your carpet needs replacing

  1. Deep-set stains that cannot be removed by bleach or stain-remover
  2. Wear and tear on carpet
  3. Worn padding

Can I have the same carpet in bedrooms/stairs/hallway?

Yes, so long as the interior decorating is similar. If the walls of your house are a similar or identical colour, it would be completely fine to keep the same carpet (and save some time hunting for multiple carpets!) Some houses have the same carpet throughout, homeowners simply use rugs and runners to decorate the room. Basically, this comes down to a question of taste.

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