Increasing the life of your carpets by choosing according to room

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There is a lot more to choosing a carpet than simply liking the style. Different areas of the home have specific requirements and will therefore benefit from particular types of pile, finish, pattern and backing.

For example, high traffic areas of the home – such as staircases – will need a heavier duty carpet to withstand the excessive wear, whereas rooms used less frequently – such as the bedroom – can enjoy a more luxurious pile and less forgiving colour.

Choosing your carpets according to their location and usage will ensure that they will remain in prime condition for many years.

Considerations by room:

Kitchen/Dining area

The kitchen is often cited as being the ‘hub of the home’ with families and friends gathering to eat, drink and socialise. Many modern kitchens feature modern breakfast bars or ‘islands’, making it the perfect location for informal dining. Due to the volume of food preparation and consumption in this area it is essential that carpets are easily cleanable, with a shorter pile to prevent scraps from becoming ingrained.

Requirements: Practical, hygienic, easy clean, stain resistant, short pile.

Living Room

The living room is also a heavily populated space, which often serves as a communal area for the family to relax and watch TV together. Living rooms are often subjected to design overhauls, as the room can quickly and simply be transformed and refreshed with new soft furnishings, cushions and throws. With this in mind, it is important to choose neutral colours and designs for long-term furnishings such as the carpet.

Requirements: Stylish, durable, neutral colour/design to adapt to frequent changes of decor.

Landings, Hallways and Staircases

Landings, hallways and staircases receive a high volume of traffic – even if the household operates a ‘no shoes indoors’ policy it is inevitable that the entrance area will become subjected to wet or muddy footprints. When choosing a carpet to suit these areas invest in a practical, durable model that contains stain repelling technology. Think also about the length of the pile, long pile can present a trip hazard on the stairs and can also appear tired when the pile becomes flattened in areas through continuous use.

Requirements: Durable, easy clean, practical/neutral colour to lead into all rooms.


Bathroom floors are notoriously wet due to people getting in and out of the bath and shower. Because of this there is the assumption that carpets could harbour mould spores and create damp in the home. New water resistant carpet technology, however, means that carpets can be the perfect flooring choice for the bathroom, as well as being treated to deter damp and mould they also provide, warmth, comfort and softness under foot.

Requirements: Waterproof backing, short pile, soft, hygienic.

Master Bedroom

The bedroom is an area where you can focus on luxury. Longer pile carpets with indulgent cushioned underlay will provide comfort under foot, help retain heat inside the room and provide noise insulation to enable undisturbed sleep.

Requirements: Luxurious, soft, longer pile.

Children’s Bedroom

Children’s bedrooms may need to be slightly more practical than adult’s. Small children often play on the floor so the carpet should be soft and cosy, however it should also withstand the rigours of play. Easy clean technology is recommended to help prevent stains from spilled drinks or snacks, pens and paints or messy toys such as play-doh and slime. Patterns are also a good way of disguising any potential imperfections.

Requirements: Patterned, stain resistant, durable, soft.

To demonstrate this, we have created this infographic highlighting the best carpet types according to room.


Living Room

  • Consideration: Most populated room.
  • Requirements: Stylish, durable, neutral colour/design to adapt to changes of décor.
  • We recommend: Santino Velveteen

Hallway/ Staircase

  • Consideration: High volume of traffic.
  • Requirements: Durable, easy clean, practical/ neutral colour to lead into all rooms.
  • We recommend: Gala

Kitchen/ Dining area

  • Consideration: Food and drink spillages and stains.
  • Requirements: Practical, hygienic, easy clean, stain resistant, short pile.
  • We recommend: Sensit Divinty


  • Consideration: Risk of mould and damp.
  • Requirements: Waterproof backing, short pile, soft and hygienic.
  • We recommend: The Aqua Bathroom Carpet

Master Bedroom

  • Consideration: Comfort and warmth under foot.
  • Requirements: Luxurious, soft, longer pile.
  • We recommend: Heavenly Touch

Children’s Bedroom

  • Consideration: Practical and fun.
  • Requirements: Patterned, stain resistant, durable, soft.
  • We recommend: Glamour Flash

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