Black carpets for the home: colours, designs and accessories

Black carpets are increasingly popular as more and more homeowners use them to give their rooms a bold, dramatic look.

In this guide, we’ll look at the various shades, designs and textures black carpets can offer. We’ll also discuss ideas and showcase the best black carpets for your home.

In this guide

Colours and shades

Like other colours, black can come in a variety of shades. Which one you choose comes down to personal taste. However, you may want to look at our black carpet ideas section for some inspiration.

Standard black carpets can absorb a lot of light and make rooms darker. If you choose a carpet with a mixture of colours/shades, this darkening effect won’t be as strong. This is where a mixture of colours such as black and white, grey or cream can come in useful.

Black and white carpets

Black and white carpets bring a mixture of light and dark. The combination gives the carpet a softer look, which leaves other parts of the room—furniture and walls, for example—to grab visitors’ attention.

Best black and white carpets

Black and grey

Black and grey carpets have a softer effect than a standard black carpet. Some black and grey carpets may appear striped or flecked—striped carpets are obviously striped, while flecked carpets are marked with dots or small patches of grey. As always, try out some samples first.

You may find black and grey carpets with names like ‘charcoal’ or ‘anthracite’.

Best black and grey carpets

Black and cream pattern

Patterned carpets can divide the crowd—some people love them and some people hate them. They are a bold choice for any room, but with the right décor they can make a room the most stylish in the house.

Black and cream pattern carpets are one of the most popular pattern carpets. The colour scheme is much more subtle than black and white pattern and gives walls and furniture a chance to stand out against the carpet.

Best black and cream pattern carpet


In this section, we look at carpets and rugs that offer something a bit different to a standard single‑colour carpet.

Glitter, sparkles and silver

Glitter carpets are excellent at bringing a touch of class to your living space. They are often made with a deep pile, for a luxurious feel underfoot. They are perfect for living rooms or bedrooms, providing these areas get a low amount of footfall. Heavy foot traffic could crush the carpet’s deep pile and shorten its lifespan.

Best black glitter carpets


Striped carpets are coming back into fashion again. They are an excellent way to spice up your living space with a mixture of colours. You can get two-tone carpets (like black and white) or carpets with up to four or five stripes.

However, there are some things to consider before choosing a striped carpet. Take a look at our guide on striped carpets by clicking here.

Best striped black carpets

Black rugs

Rugs are an excellent way to add some black to your room without having to change your flooring. You can use black rugs to complement other colours in the room, or cover any damage to the carpet beneath.

Best black rugs


Texture is an important element of any new carpet. You should base your choice of texture on the following:

  • Location—Will the carpet be in a high-traffic area like a hallway? If so, it will need to be durable and have a short rather than deep pile.
  • Lifestyle—A softer and more luxurious style of carpet is more likely to suffer staining or damage if not treated properly. Damage is more likely to occur in busy households or homes with children, so an especially durable type (like looped Berber) is recommended.
  • Price—Soft, deep pile carpets are more expensive as they cost more to make. If you are looking for a cheap carpet, you may want to look at options that use a thinner, tighter fabric.

Find out more by visiting our guide: Carpet textures.

Fluffy carpets

If you are looking for a soft and fluffy carpet, go for a deep pile Saxony carpet. These offer luxurious softness underfoot, making them perfect for a private bedroom or living room. But what is deep pile Saxony?

  • Saxony—A Saxony carpet has a cut pile, meaning its fibres stand straight up and are cut into even lengths
  • Deep pile—Deep pile carpets have long fibres for added comfort

Combine the two and you have a luxurious, fluffy carpet. To find out more, visit our guide: Saxony carpets—by colour, price and its advantages

Best black fluffy carpets

Loop carpets

Loop carpets are one of the most popular carpet textures. They are cheap, durable and available in a wide variety of colours and styles.

Most loop carpets are known as Berber loop carpets—Berber is simply a type of design. You can find out more about Berber loop carpets by visiting our Berber looped carpets guide.

The main benefits of Berber loop carpets are that they are:

  • hardwearing
  • stain-resistant
  • easy to clean
  • cheaper than most alternatives

This makes them perfect for family homes and busy lifestyles.

Best black loop carpets

Wool carpets

Wool is one of the oldest carpet materials, having been used for hundreds of years. Wool carpets are durable and stain-resistant yet still soft underfoot. They are slightly more expensive than synthetic carpets because of the high-quality natural material. However, if you’re looking for a stylish and luxurious carpet, consider wool.

The main benefits of wool is that it is:

  • durable
  • stain-resistant
  • incredibly comfortable
  • naturally fire-resistant
  • sustainable

If you would like to know more about wool carpets, visit our wool carpet FAQs page.

Struggling to decide which carpet material to choose? Visit our guide: How to choose your carpet material.

Best black wool carpets


When buying a new carpet, there are several accessories you might want to think about. These accessories may make your carpet more comfortable and/or durable, or simply help during fitting.

If you’re looking to avoid a complicated installation, every carpet you buy from United Carpets & Beds is fitted for free*!

*Terms and conditions apply

Door bars

Door bars cover the gap between flooring in different rooms, and can be adjusted for small differences in height or material.

Every room with a carpet should use door bars, as they can stop the carpet wrinkling by essentially working as a carpet gripper.

See our full range of door bars by clicking here.


Underlay is a thin layer of cushioning installed underneath a carpet. By acting as a barrier between the carpet and the concrete/flooring, it:

  • reduces wear to carpets
  • adds comfort underfoot
  • insulates against sound, moisture and heat

Underlay doesn’t last forever. When it’s time to replace your carpet, it’s time to replace the underlay too. However, underlay is relatively inexpensive and will extend the life of your carpet, saving you money.

For more information, visit our underlays FAQ page. Looking to buy? browse our range of underlays for carpets.  


Carpet grippers (known as tack in the US) are long strips of wood pierced with several sharp pins. They are designed to be placed against the edges of your carpet to keep the carpet in place and stop it wrinkling.

You can purchase our Elite Dual-Purpose Gripper for just £2.00. Visit the product page to find out more.

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