Green carpets: colours, styles, ideas and extras

Green carpets offer a natural and varied colour type. In this guide, you will find green carpet types, colour schemes, extras and accessories.

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Types of green carpets

In this section, you will find a variety of our most popular green carpet shades and styles.

  • Colours
  • Styles


Green carpets can be versatile when different shades are used. Darker colours offer a more classic style, while brighter create a modern feel.

Your choice will likely come down to personal taste and room situation. United Carpets & Beds offers free samples of any carpet. Simply click on the link below the image to be sent to the product page. From there you can select a free sample to be delivered to your home.

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Dark green

Dark greens can be used to ground brighter colours around a room. They can be paired with brighter walls for contrast or darker colours as a theme.

Light green

Light green carpets can bring a natural, bright feeling to darker rooms. These carpets will work well in rooms with minimal natural light, especially when paired with bright walls or furniture.


United Carpets & Beds sell a range of high-quality carpets. In this section, you will find the many types and materials of carpet.

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Berber loop carpet

Berber loop carpets are incredibly hard-wearing, stain-resistant and reasonably priced. They are perfect for areas that get large amounts of footfall such as hallways or staircases. Families with young children benefit hugely from the Berber loop style because of its high level of durability.

To find out more about Berber loops carpets, visit our guide - buying a Berber carpet

Saxony carpet

Saxony carpet offers a soft, dense feeling underfoot. They are considered a luxurious and beautiful style of carpet which means they are slightly more expensive than other styles. They are often used in bedrooms and living rooms, where added comfort can make a real difference.

To find out more about Saxony carpets, visit our guide – Saxony carpets: by colour, price and its advantages

Twist pile carpet

A twist pile is a type of cut carpet. It is a common type of carpet as it offers a balance between comfort and durability. Twist pile comes in a variety of pile length – low piles offer better resistance to crushing, while longer piles increase comfort underfoot.

Find out more about different carpet textures by visiting our guide, Carpet textures.

Wool carpet

Wool carpet is a natural carpet that offers the same durability as many manmade carpets. Wool offers both excellent strength and comfort. Wool carpets are easy to maintain due to the material containing natural oils that are resistant to soiling.

Wool carpets are slightly more expensive than their manmade counterparts. This is because you are paying for long-lasting quality.

Green carpet colour schemes

There is a large variety of colour schemes to choose from when redecorating your room. Most colour schemes will be a version of the following core schemes:

  • Complementary colours
  • Contrasting colours
  • Monochrome


Use a colour wheel to understand how colours complement each other. Colours that sit next to each other will always blend well together.

To use complementary colours to a green carpet, try experimenting with blues and yellows. You can vary the shade to suit your taste; for example, you might choose grey-blue or something darker.

Black and white are known as neutral colours, meaning they will complement any other colour.


Contrasting colours sit on the opposite side of the colour wheel to each other. For green carpets, you will be looking for a bold red. You should use contrasting colours sparingly as it can quickly make the room look jarring. Try experimenting with an accent wall (a wall designed to break up a pattern created by other walls). You could then match the accent wall with furnishings like cushions or artwork.

To tone down the contrast, you could include pale colours like silver, white or light grey.


Monochrome schemes are based around a single colour to create a bold and dramatic look. Try finding a green colour paint as close to your carpet colour as possible, then simply vary the shade – darker or lighter. Lighter shades on walls will bring brightness to the room and make it feel more open. Darker colours work well when mixed with lighter furnishings.

Monochrome colour schemes take a lot of pre-planning. It can be difficult to find colours that exactly match so that could throw off the colour scheme.

Find out more about colour schemes by visiting our guide: carpet colours and how they can be used in the home

Green carpet extras and accessories

In this section, you will find optional extras you can purchase with your carpet including:



An underlay extends the life of a carpet and should always be purchased with a new carpet.

A new underlay can:

  • improve insulation
  • add comfort
  • reduce noise
  • protect against wear and tear.

Find out more about underlay by visiting our underlays FAQs guide.

Find the best underlay for your carpet by visiting our underlays product page.

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