Felt Back Carpets

The ideal choice for practically any room in the busy modern household, our felt-backed carpets are specifically designed to provide a reassuringly soft and comfortable feeling underfoot, without making any compromises whatsoever on durability, quality or style. An added advantage of our tried-and-tested felt-backed carpets is that they can be fitted directly onto your floor’s surface provided, of course, that it is totally clean and free from any previous fittings, fixatives or grips. This precludes the need for underlay although, for increased longevity and enhanced comfort, we still recommend that you also use one of our high quality Airstep underlays, particularly when fitting felt-backed carpets to areas of the home exposed to heavy footfall such as bedrooms, hallways, landings, lounges and stairs. As with all of our products, our felt-backed range is manufactured to the highest possible standards, using quality materials to offer unparalleled durability, wear resistance and stain defence, backed by comprehensive guarantees and warranties for maximum peace of mind.
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  1. Tudor Berber Loop
    £5.99 5.99
  2. Global Loop Carpet
    £6.99 6.99
  3. Kilton Twist
    £7.99 7.99
  4. Juniper Berber Loop
    £7.99 7.99
  5. Octavia Berber Loop
    £7.99 7.99
  6. Sunrise Twist Pile Carpet
    £7.99 7.99
    A lovely Twist pile carpet, Sunrise perfectly balances durability with style to offer a stunning and long-lasting... Learn More
  7. Dynamic Loop Carpet
    £8.99 8.99
  8. Mirage Berber Loop Carpet
    £8.99 8.99
    A robust natural berber loop carpet, Mirage is a beautiful yet hardwearing carpet. It is stain-resistant due to the... Learn More
  9. Hercules Berber Loop Carpet
    £8.99 8.99
    Berber carpets are strong, durable and easy to clean. As they are so hardwearing they can last for years! Available in... Learn More
  10. Turbo Berber Loop Carpet
    £8.99 8.99
    Turbo is a hardwearing Berber loop carpet available in a range of earthy colours. Available in a 5m width, this felt... Learn More
  11. Super Saxony Carpet
    £9.99 9.99
  12. Studio Berber Loop
    £9.99 9.99
  13. Hamilton Twist Carpet
    £9.99 9.99
  14. Saturn Twist Pile Carpet
    £9.99 9.99
    Chic, elegant and neutral, Saturn is a wonderfully versatile cut pile twist carpet that offers discernible quality at a... Learn More
  15. Super Saxony Plus Carpet
    £11.99 11.99
  16. Super Saxony Elite Carpet
    £14.99 14.99
  17. Genesis Saxony Carpet
    £14.99 14.99
  18. Super Saxony Prestige Carpet
    £19.99 19.99
  19. Festival Saxony
    £31.98 31.98 ( £15.99 15.99 Carpet price with underlay)
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