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Blue Carpets

Rich, deep hues and opulent shades make our elegant range of blue carpets the fitting solution for people looking to bring an air of timeless style and sophistication into their homes. Available both online and in store, our exquisite selection of blue carpets is available in a wide selection of shades, textures and fibres - including wool, deep pile Saxony, berber loop and cut pile twist, coupled with striking designs including patterned and striped finishes. Each carpet in this stunning range is manufactured to the highest possible standards, using quality materials to offer unequalled durability, wear resistance and stain defence, backed by comprehensive guarantees and warranties for additional peace of mind.
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  1. Stainfree Goddess Saxony Carpet
    £32.19 32.19 Regular Price £45.98 45.98
    Stainfree Goddess is a saxony carpet, bringing softness to the home with the luxury feel fibres of the new "Silk Tech... Learn More
  2. Stainfree Royalty Twist Pile Carpet
    £41.98 41.98
    Stainfree Royalty is a twist pile carpet that offers amazing softness and comfort thanks to its new and improved soft... Learn More
  3. Temptation Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £51.98 51.98
    Durable, super soft and stylish, Temptation is a 17mm thick deep pile Saxony carpet that is simply irresistible. Its... Learn More
  4. Stainfree Divine Twist Pile Carpet
    £43.98 43.98
    Stainfree Divine is a twist pile carpet that offers hardwearing and long-lasting properties thanks to its strong twist... Learn More
  5. Liberty Luxury Twist Pile Carpet
    £28.98 28.98
    The Liberty is a luxury twist pile carpet that is both stylish and hardwearing, offering a stunning and long-lasting... Learn More
  6. Ultimate Softness Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £39.98 39.98
    A premium quality, action-backed deep pile Saxony carpet, Ultimate Softness is the epitome of elegance and good taste.... Learn More
  7. Ultimate Luxury Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £57.98 57.98
    A supreme quality, action-backed deep pile Saxony carpet, Ultimate Luxury is the very essence of elegant, graceful... Learn More
  8. Turbo Berber Loop Carpet
    £7.16 7.16
    Turbo is a hardwearing Berber loop carpet available in a range of earthy colours. Available in a 5m width, this felt... Learn More
  9. Solid Contractor Carpet
    £10.99 10.99
    Solid is an extremely robust and resilient contract carpet suitable for very heavy domestic and contract use. A cut... Learn More
  10. Fusion Twist Pile Carpet
    £10.99 10.99
    A durable carpet featuring the StainSafe Solution and completely bleach cleanable. It can handle heavy footfall and is... Learn More
  11. Aqua Bathroom Carpet
    £16.99 16.99
    Aqua is a fully washable waffle back carpet ideal for bathrooms both traditional and contemporary. With a waterproof... Learn More
  12. Gala Berber Loop Carpet
    £20.08 20.08 Regular Price £25.10 25.1
    A luxurious cut pile Berber Loop, Gala is an on-trend heavy duty carpet that tackles heavy domestic use with ease.... Learn More
  13. Lionheart Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £25.98 25.98
    Durable, cosy and stylish, Lionheart is a thick cut pile Saxony suitable for all rooms in your family home. With a... Learn More
  14. Xtron Splendour Twist Pile Carpet
    £30.79 30.79 Regular Price £43.98 43.98
    Splendour is a sumptuous twist pile that introduces comfort, practicality and style to the busy modern home. With a... Learn More
  15. Berkley Twist Pile Carpet
    £32.49 32.49 Regular Price £49.98 49.98
    The Berkeley carpet collection is a range of deep pile Saxony carpets made from 100% polypropylene. Deep pile Saxony... Learn More
  16. Impulse Luxury Twist Carpet
    £39.98 39.98
    Impulse is a luxury twist pile carpet that is hardwearing and durable, not to mention incredibly affordable. Suitable... Learn More
  17. Quill Luxury Twist Carpet
    £42.65 42.65
  18. Satino Silken Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £45.32 45.32
    The Satino Silken range is a sumptuous, soft Saxony carpet that will add a touch of elegance to any room in the home.... Learn More
  19. Sahara Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £45.98 45.98
    The Sahara carpet range is a collection of deep pile Saxony carpets. Deep pile Saxony carpets are the crème de la... Learn More
  20. Carnival Saxony Carpet
    £47.98 47.98
  21. Stainfree Eternal Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £49.98 49.98
    A thick pile Saxony carpet, Eternal is a superior flooring solution in both its practicality and appearance. With a... Learn More
  22. Satino Softness Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £51.99 51.99
    Satino Softness is a super soft Saxony that you can really sink your toes into. The thick, luscious pile is 11mm deep... Learn More
  23. Satino Glisten Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £51.99 51.99
    Satino Glisten is a sumptuous Saxony with a luscious pile height of 12mm that you can really sink your toes into.... Learn More
  24. Kingston Twist 40oz Twist Pile Carpet
    £59.98 59.98
    A supreme British woolen Twist carpet, the Kingston Twist 40oz offers natural resilience to extra heavy domestic and... Learn More
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