Blended Wool Carpets

The perfect solution for those seeking all the durability and resilience of synthetic fibres, coupled with the softness and comfort of pure wool, our eye-catching range of wool blend carpets offers the very best of both worlds to today’s time-pressed homeowner. The nylon element of the blend features in-built stain repellence to make cleaning and maintenance so much easier, whilst the woollen content makes each carpet within this stand-out range fully resistant to everyday wear and crushing. Moreover, it helps it to absorb moisture indoors without succumbing to dampness, thereby acting as a natural dehumidifier for the home. The perfect fit for virtually any room in the house, our stunning selection of wool blend carpets features long-lasting colours, designs, textures and patterns that exude timeless elegance and sophistication, whilst complementing classic and contemporary interior decor schemes alike. As with all of our products, our range of wool blend carpets is manufactured to the highest possible standards, using quality materials to offer matchless durability, strength and stain defence, backed by comprehensive guarantees and warranties for maximum peace of mind.