Wool Carpets

If you’re looking to finish off your room’s interior with a carpet that’s visually stunning and soft and pleasing to the touch, then wool is your natural choice. Easy to maintain, fully resistant to everyday wear and crushing and environmentally friendly, wool carpets are good for the indoor environment too, as they absorb around 30% of their total weight in moisture without feeling damp, making them an excellent natural dehumidifier for the home. Our enduringly popular range of beautiful woollen carpets is the fitting solution for practically any room in the home, with long-lasting colours, designs and textures that combine and contrast well with both classic and contemporary interior decor schemes. As with all of our products, our range of wool carpets is manufactured to the highest possible standards, using quality materials to offer unbeatable durability, natural flame retardancy and stain repellence, backed by comprehensive guarantees and warranties for maximum peace of mind.