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Plain Carpets

Our extensive selection of plain carpets at United Carpets and Beds is second to none. Ideal for those wanting to keep things simple, our variety of plain carpets give you the freedom to add patterns and colour to the rest of your home. From contemporary twists to more traditional berbers, you will find the perfect carpet to suit your needs.
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  1. Xtron Royal Viscount Twist Carpet
    £39.98 39.98
    Royal Viscount is a high performance Twist Pile Carpet, designed to improve wear with the 100% Polypropylene 2-ply... Learn More
  2. Xtron Royal Countess Twist Carpet
    £25.49 25.49 Regular Price £33.98 33.98
    Royal Countess is a high-performance Twist Pile carpet with a 2-ply Xtron Yarn, specifically designed to be more hard... Learn More
  3. Xtron Royal Marquess Saxony Carpet
    £43.98 43.98
    A high performance Saxony carpet, Royal Marquess has a heavy-duty 2-ply Xtron yarn, improving wear while still... Learn More
  4. Gemini Berber Loop Carpet
    £5.97 5.97
    You’ll never want to be apart from your Gemini carpet, a hardwearing Berber Loop. It’s made from 100%... Learn More
  5. Ritz Deluxe Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £49.98 49.98
    The Ritz Deluxe is the carpet that will have you where fashion sits. Coming in a range of four of the most on-trend... Learn More
  6. Cosmos Chunky Berber Loop Carpet
    £7.99 7.99
    The Cosmos is a loop pile carpet with out of this world comfort technology, available in four universal favourite... Learn More
  7. Stainfree Knight Twist Pile Carpet
    £43.98 43.98
    Stainfree Knight is a twist pile carpet that offers amazing softness and comfort thanks to its new and improved soft... Learn More
  8. Tirana Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £31.98 31.98
    Tirana is a luxuriously, deep piled Saxony carpet that boasts a luscious pile height of 16mm. The sumptuous pile is... Learn More
  9. Velino Twist Pile Carpet
    £39.98 39.98
    Durable, soft and incredibly majestic, Velino is a twist pile carpet that will steal your heart. Featuring a loc weave... Learn More
  10. Temptation Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £33.79 33.79 Regular Price £51.98 51.98
    Durable, super soft and stylish, Temptation is a 17mm thick deep pile Saxony carpet that is simply irresistible. Its... Learn More
  11. Galway Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £45.98 45.98
    Stain free Galway is a super soft deep pile Saxony that is so soft and comfortable you’ll think your walking on... Learn More
  12. Gracious Twist Pile Carpet
    £32.19 32.19 Regular Price £43.98 43.98
    Stainfree Gracious is a twist pile carpet that offers amazing softness and comfort thanks to its new and improved soft... Learn More
  13. Stainfree Divine Twist Pile Carpet
    £41.98 41.98
    Stainfree Divine is a twist pile carpet that offers hardwearing and long-lasting properties thanks to its strong twist... Learn More
  14. Sandringham Wool Twist Pile Carpet
    £33.79 33.79 Regular Price £49.98 49.98
    The Sandringham is a wool mix twist pile carpet that is incredibly hardwearing and resilient thanks to it twist pile,... Learn More
  15. Windermere Super Deep Pile Saxony Carpet
    £12.99 12.99
    Windermere is a super deep pile Saxony that combines comfort and style with the practicalities of everyday life.... Learn More
  16. Emperor's Twist Carpet
    £12.99 12.99
    The Stainsafe Emperor's Twist luxury carpet is a must have in your home this season. Both Stylish and contemporary, its... Learn More
  17. Blissful Twist Pile Carpet
    £9.99 9.99 Regular Price £12.50 12.5
    Blissful is a cut pile twist carpet range. It’s a comfortable, resilient, sleek flooring choice. It’s a cosy, cut... Learn More
  18. Just For You 4m Twist Pile Carpet
    £24.98 24.98
    Classically timeless, Just For You is a supreme quality cut pile Twist carpet that delivers a touch of distinction and... Learn More
  19. Yours Always 4m Twist Pile Carpet
    £23.98 23.98
    Tasteful and timeless, Yours Always is a beautiful cut pile Twist carpet that delivers distinct quality and quiet... Learn More
  20. Tavira Plain Berber Loop Carpet
    £3.99 3.99 Regular Price £5.97 5.97
    The Tavira range is a hard-wearing, short loop pile berber carpet that is the perfect choice for any room in the home.... Learn More
  21. Kempton Berber Loop Carpet
    £4.99 4.99
    The Kempton is a loop pile carpet suitable for anywhere in your home with four on-trend colours to choose from. It has... Learn More
  22. Albury Berber Loop Carpet
    £5.97 5.97
    Chic, cool and contemporary, the Albury is an affordable, high quality Berber loop felt-backed carpet that reveals... Learn More
  23. Alpine Berber Loop Carpet
    £5.97 5.97
    A robust natural loop Berber carpet, Alpine is a beautiful but hard-wearing carpet. Stain-resistant due to the... Learn More
  24. Hercules Berber Loop Carpet
    £5.97 5.97
    Berber carpets are strong, durable and easy to clean. As they are so hardwearing they can last for years! Available in... Learn More
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