Why Choose A Stain Resistant Carpet

We’ve all watched in horror as our little one drops half his dinner on the brand new carpet. Perhaps you’ve been filled with the dread of a merry guest spilling a glass of red across the floor. And many of us know what it’s like to return home and realise the family pet has had a little accident… 

Spillages are a part of life, and though they don’t happen every day, they are a real frustration – particularly if you’ve recently installed a luxurious, light-coloured deep pile. Busy homes with children and pets suffer the most, but nobody’s immune from little mishaps involving dirty shoes or spilled drinks. So what’s the solution?

At insert business name [and URL] we’re delighted to offer a range of stain proof carpets, helping to protect against dirt, grime and spills. While no flooring solution is completely immune to staining, our innovative stain resistant technology makes it much easier to prevent against lasting damage. By choosing from our stain proof range, you can safeguard your carpeting and save money on professional cleaning and replacements in the future.  

How Do Stain Resistant Carpets Work?

Our stain resistant carpets are manufactured with innovative technology. A chemical finish coats the fibres, providing protective properties without compromising on look and feel. This barrier shields each fibre against spillages, preventing them from seeping further into the carpet.

When an accident occurs, all that’s required is a dry kitchen towel to soak up the offending spillage. Forget about vigorous scrubbing, bleach or expensive cleaning equipment; with a stain resistant carpet, the likes of red wine, coffee and pet wee can be lifted with ease.

The Benefits of Stain Resistant Carpets

1. Peace of mind

When you choose a stain resistant carpet, you’ll no longer have to worry about accidents. Extensive cleaning sessions, which can still leave you disappointed when staining still occurs, will become a thing of the past. You’ll no longer feel limited by carpet colours and designs, choosing dark patterns over light sophisticated styles. You’ll also be able to opt for the softest, most sumptuous carpeting without the niggling worry of lengthy, and often damaging, clean-ups.

2. Child and pet friendly

Because stain free carpets offer protection against spillages, you can let small children and pets roam freely. These little darlings are synonymous with mess, which is why so many parents opt for laminate flooring. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of easy cleaning while keeping your home warm and cosy with a lovely carpet. Of course, you’ll still want to keep a close eye on the kids when they’re having an arts and crafts session, or a puppy that’s not quite toilet trained!

3. Dirt and dust resistant

Stain resistant carpets aren’t just great for spillages; their technology also helps to banish lingering grime and germs. You won’t have to vacuum as often or as harshly, because dirt and dust can be lifted more easily from the protected fibres. Your carpet will remain fresh and look new for longer, as well as being ideal for homes with allergy sufferers. 

4. Cost effective

Stain proof carpets typically have larger price tags, but their extended lifespan makes them more cost effective in the long term. You’ll save money on cleaning equipment, professional cleaning and any replacements, so it’s well worth the investment. If you decide to sell your home, you can also use stain resistant carpets to your advantage, explaining the benefits to potential buyers with big families and pets. 

5. Functional and fashionable

Just because a stain resistant carpet boasts advanced technology, doesn’t mean it can’t look great. Our collection showcases a huge choice of designs, allowing you to select a practical yet stylish carpet that suits your home. You’ll have more freedom when it comes to colours, completing your classy dining room with a complementary cream carpet, or your little princess’s pink bedroom with matching flooring.

But Don’t Forget… 

Stain free carpets make your life easier, but it’s worth remembering that they still require a little maintenance. Vacuuming once or twice a week will keep dirt at bay and prevent it from spreading further into the house. We recommend focusing mainly on high-traffic areas, such as hallways and doorways, as well as rooms where children and pets spend a lot of time.  

You also need to be aware that spillages should still be dealt with promptly. While staining is less of a problem with this type of carpet, pet accidents and harmful liquids can still do damage. The longer a spillage is left, the more time it has to chemically react with the carpet fibres. As we mentioned before, a dry paper towel can often do the trick, but if the stain is more problematic, warm, soapy water works well. And if you desperately need to use bleach, dilute with water and patch test on an inconspicuous area of carpet, making sure that the formula won’t cause damage or discolouration.

We also like to remind our customers that stain resistant carpets are, unfortunately, not protected against teeth or claws, so keep an extra eye on pets (and family members!

Tiles, wood flooring and laminate look great, but nothing matches the classic cosiness of a soft carpet. Now, you can enjoy a soft and stylish flooring without the worry of stains and damage. Take a look at our full collection of stain free carpets here [insert URL]. You can also find out more about the range by getting in touch with one of our friendly specialists on 0330 311 2442


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