United Carpets Dual Purpose Gripper - £2.00 per stick

Carpet Gripper Carpet Gripper Diagram

The United Carpets and Beds Dual Purpose Gripper is suitable for most wood and concrete floors. The 20mm wide strip comes pre-nailed with 9 floor nails and 69 pins to firmly grip your flooring and hold it perfectly in place. Each stick is 152cm (5ft ) in length.

How To Order Gripper
When ordering gripper you should measure the perimeter of your room, including an allowance for into doorways. If you are using a door bar, you will not require Gripper across the door threshold.

For example, a room that measures 4m x 3m with one doorway would require 9 sticks of gripper:

  • Add Perimeter 14m + Into Doorway 0.2m
  • Minus Door Threshold 0.9m
  • Divide Gripper Stick Length 1.52m
  • Equals 9 Sticks
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