Thermostep Wood 3mm Sponge Rubber Laminate Underlay

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Material Content Nominal Density Tog Rating Total Thickness Sound Insulation VOC Emissions Rating Suitable For Underfloor Heating
Thermostep Wood 3mm Sponge Rubber Laminate Underlay
£9.99 m2
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A specialist range of low-tog underlays from United Carpets And Beds that bring a warm glowing feeling to any floor.

This new range of underlays, all have lower ‘tog’ ratings, which allow the warmth generated by underfloor heating to pass quickly into the room. They conduct more heat than other underlays, making them the ideal choice for installations with underfloor heating, bringing greater heating efficiency and the potential of reducing heating bills.

Our unique manufacturing techniques allow the production of underlays with higher thermal conductivity and hence lower thermal resistance than normal, whilst retaining the essential qualities of underfoot comfort and protection.

Underfloor Heating TypeThermostep Wood
Embedded Water pipes in floor/floor screed
Amorphous ribbon heating mats on top of structural floor
Electric cable buried in screed or within suspended timber floorCheck with manufacturer of heating system
Electric heating mats on top of structural floor

  • Thickness: 3.00mm
  • Sound Insulation: 21dB
  • Heat Insulation: 0.35tog
  • Density: 2407gsm
  • Material Content: Sponge Rubber
SKU CODE: Thermostep_Wood_Underlay