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Measuring Stairs For Carpets

STEP 1 - Measuring the length of a stair

A Measure the RISE of the step. This is the vertical surface from the back of one step to the top of the next.

B Next measure the TREAD of the step. This is the standing surface from the front to the back of each step.

C Add the measurement of the RISE and TREAD together to get the length of each step.

Rise + Tread = Length

Measuring Stairs For Carpets

STEP 2 – Measuring the width of a stair

A Measure the WIDTH of one step from the wall to the rails (or spindles).

B Add up to 10cm (4 inches) to the WIDTH to give a tolerance to allow for any cutting errors.

C Most carpets are available in 4m widths meaning that you can fit multiple widths onto a single piece of carpet.


For older properties or any staircases featuring irregularly sized treads and rises, it is advisable to take individual measurements for complete piece of mind.

The average UK household staircase has the below measurements

WIDTH = 85cm

TREAD = 15cm

RISE = 15cm

STEPS = 12

Top Tip: A carpet that measures 2m x 4m will fit most straight staircases.

STEP 3 - Taking Additional Measurements

  • Make detailed measurements of all other features of your staircase area - landings, doorways, fitted storage areas and recesses.
  • Add these measurements into the total order for your staircase carpet.
  • If you are planning to install a carpet runner over painted or varnished stairs - a popular choice with owners of period properties - then simply measure the width of the area that you intend to cover, before following  STEPS  1 and 2 of this guide, in order to get the required lengths and widths.
  • Here at United Carpets, our runners are available in a variety of standard width measurements.
  • For carpet runners, exact width measurements are not necessary. All you need to do is select and purchase the width that is best suited to your individual requirements.
  • Irregular shaped stairs - such as spiral staircases, attic or basement steps - should be measured at the widest points to ensure a neat and proper fit.

If you plan to order a patterned or striped carpet on an irregularly shaped staircase, then we recommend you contact us for advice concerning different methods for measuring. This will help to ensure that the carpet’s design flows down your staircase in a seamless and unbroken manner.

Measuring Stairs For Carpets