Blue carpets: colours, schemes, ideas and extras

Versatile and calming, blue carpets can be used in every room of the house and complement many colour schemes and styles. In this guide, you will find the best types of blue carpets, style advice and ideas plus information about extras and accessories.

In this guide:

Types of blue carpets

In this section, we’ll look at the different shades, tones and textures available for blue carpets. Click the button below each carpet to be directed to the product page, where you can order free samples.

Duck egg blue carpet

A combination of a pale blue and green, duck egg is a versatile shade of blue that goes with complementary and contrasting colours. It looks fantastic in both modern and traditional homes.

Best duck egg blue carpet


Dark blue carpet

Darker blues work well with neutral colours. Try combining white walls and light furniture with dark blue carpets to create a calming nautical theme. Dark blue carpets are an excellent choice for families with young children as they can hide spills and stains easily.

Best dark blue carpets

Navy blue carpet

Navy blue is a type of dark blue, taking its name from the colour worn by British Royal Navy officers. Navy blue carpets work well in modern and traditional homes, complementing wooden furniture as well as brighter colours.

Best navy blue carpet

Light blue carpet

Light blue carpets are excellent for rooms that don’t get a lot of sunlight. They don’t absorb as much light as darker carpets, meaning they keep rooms brighter. Combine light blue carpets with brighter colours to really bring a room to life.

Best light blue carpets

Midnight blue carpet

Midnight blue is so-called as it resembles the blue colour of a moonlit night sky. It’s a very dark blue, bordering on black. Midnight blue carpets are often used in bedrooms for their darker tones, perfect for sleeping.

If you’re looking for a bedroom carpet, try deep pile Saxony as these carpets offer the softest feeling underfoot.

Best midnight blue carpets

Sky blue carpet

Sky blue is a type of light blue, designed to resemble the colour of the sky at noon. Sky blue carpets can be used in the same way as most light blues—to brighten rooms, inject some colour and work with a variety of tones and shades.

Best sky blue carpets

Blue striped carpets

Striped carpets are a bold choice and can transform a room. Blue striped carpets can work well in hallways and on stairs and landings. If you’re interested in striped carpets, visit our guide: Striped carpets: colours, materials, fittings and FAQs

Best blue striped carpet

Textured blue carpets

Carpet texture refers to the way in which the carpet was manufactured. All carpets are made by sewing strands of yarn into backing material to create yarn loops.

When the loops are left as they are, the carpets are known as looped carpets (this includes carpet types such as Berber). Textured carpets (often called cut-pile or plush), however, are created by cutting the loops. Different textures depend on different lengths of the yarn:

  • Shag—shag carpets have taller heights of yarn
  • Frieze—medium height and twisted
  • Saxony—lower but smoother finishes

Textured carpets are considered more luxurious than looped carpets, with a softer feel underfoot.

Best textured carpets

Matching colours with blue carpets

Blue carpets are versatile and can be paired with a variety of colours. In this section, you will find some popular and stylish colour schemes for when you want give your room a blue carpet treatment.


Blue provides a calming atmosphere to any room. You can pair different shades of blue in a single room to create a monochromatic style. To anchor the room, you can use a darker navy blue and combine it with lighter eggshell walls, using a medium shade for the furniture.

If a pure blue room is too much for you, try incorporating wooden furniture or white accessories to mix up the style.


If you want to use a bold blue carpet, you can offset it by using neutral colours for the rest of the room. Grey, white and beige work well as wall colours as they keep the attention on the carpet.

If you want to mix up the colours, try adding other complementary bold colours like orange, red and yellow.

Moody grey

You can create a muted but stylish look by combining greys and light blues. Pair a light blue carpet with a grey/blue-grey wall and furniture to achieve a uniform style. You can inject splashes of colour with some trendy artwork or bright accessories such as pillows and throws.

Blue and red

Blue-and-red colour schemes bring drama to any room. Use a deep blue and a bright red to create an eye-catching style. It’s a strong design so it’s worth mixing it up with some neutral colours like grey, white or brown.

Bright blue and pink

Another dramatic colour combination is salmon pink and blue. Salmon can be used on the walls to create a bright look, while other elements (including the carpet) feature different shades of blue. Try using a darker blue for the carpet and lighter blues as an accent against the salmon walls.

Carpet extras

In this section, we take a brief look at some optional extras you can purchase with your carpet.


Underlay is very important to the life of a carpet, as they protect it and prolong its life. If you purchase a new carpet, do not reuse the underlay. Old underlay won’t provide any decent protection and will shorten your carpet’s life.

The main benefits of underlays are as follows:

  • Added comfort—underlay adds a layer of cushioning which absorbs impact and cushions your feet when you walk
  • Improved insulation—high-quality underlay has a high tog rating, meaning it provides good insulation by blocking cold air from entering and warm air from escaping
  • Reduced noise—underlay acts as a barrier to sound, which is especially useful for second‑storey rooms
  • Longer carpet life—underlay also acts as a shock absorber against wear and tear and protects your carpet from moisture from the subfloor, helping to reduce the chance of damp forming

Find out more about underlay by visiting our underlays FAQs guide.

Find the best underlay for your carpet by visiting our underlays product page.

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